Product Re-engineering focuses on modification of an existing product, sometimes through reverse engineering. The objective of re-engineering a product is to optimize its performance by adding new functionalities and taking advantage of emerging technologies. The re-engineering effort can be for a new business need, upgrading legacy applications or for keeping pace with competitors. With the help of our re-engineering services we help the customers to fix the issues with previous software development.

Re-engineering Services

Our talented team will begin by assessing the software that you need to migrate. After you transfer all necessary information to us, we will conduct research on your preferred platform and any other technology that the application must support.


We determine the precise specifications of your software re-engineering project. We will research the data domain and provide you the details to approve. The new specifications will take the best aspects of the old version of the software.


Our team is selecting the architecture, coming up with the protocols for user interaction and verifying the specifications for each module in the application.


We go over the system specifications, allocating team members for development and re-coding, arranging details for additional modules for new features. You can remain confident that quality assurance is on our minds at all times as we re-engineer your application.


Before we hand the software to you, our team will verify that it’s optimized and properly tuned for your systems.


To that end, our programmers, who have excellent English skills, will describe the system architecture, write up detailed source code descriptions and provide all required in-code comments.