Stéphane Rainville, CTO
Snoobe, Canada

As a very young startup we are often faced with incomplete specifications and very quickly changing requirements. Vishal was brought on board during this phase and managed to be up and running very quickly. He survived our contradictions by asking the right questions at the right time.


Kevin Skeen, Co-Founder
CartHopper, Australia

Vishal and his team are a diligent, intelligent and enthusiastic development team, and are a pleasure to work with.


Martina Muttke, Founder
Donobot, Switzerland
A Swiss, Estonian, Indian and Portuguese team, we worked well together creating a crowdfunding pilot platform. Vishal was a key figure in this multicultural environment, and we appreciated him and his hard-working team.

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Hycel Taylor & Garth Rose
GenRocket, USA

Choosing to partner with Nexthoughts for the past three years has been an outstanding decision for GenRocket. The engineering talent has been superior, the company leadership is strong, and all interactions are professional. We strongly recommend Nexthoughts.


Stanislav Klevtsov, Product Manager

I has a great chance to work with Vishal and his superior team in different platforms development projects. I have enjoyed team’s full involvement into the development process, and the deep understanding of all business features. I was several times surprised by the high development speed and keeping of timelines by Vishal’s team. I definitely recommend this team as a team of highly professional and dedicated programmers.


Julian Kaljuvee
Credio, UK

We worked with Nexthoughts on multiple venture-backed Fintech projects. They have provided us with around-the-clock devops support, similar what we would expect from an in-house software development team. We are now embarking on a new venture in crypto and blockchain base and Nexthoughts is the most obvious technology partner for us again. We wish there were more such technology partners like them out and consider us lucky to have found them as they have been fundamental to the success of our portfolio companies.